Together let’s get super clear about your purpose and create a solid plan to get in front of your ideal client so you can start making money while doing what you love.

I’m your tell-it-like-it-is business/marketing mentor, confidence accelerator, and tech geek. I work with new and seasoned women entrepreneurs, like you who are ready to gain clarity, get confidence and get visible so they can grow their business.

Take a look a how we can work together:


    • brainstorm and get immediate feedback on your ideas
    • get clarity around what to focus on next
    • discover how to position yourself in the market
    • identify your target market
    • pick my brain about marketing, techy, resources, tools, etc.
    • get mini-training (WordPress, FB ads, podcast, social media, etc.)


  • identify roadblocks so you can begin taking massive action
  • get unstuck and gain results getting momentum
  • develop a dream business plan and goals
  • gain clarity about what you do so you can begin to monetize your expertise
  • define your ideal client so you can begin talking directly to them
  • create a visibility plan to begin attracting your dream client


  • uncover hidden blocks that hinder you from stepping up
  • learn how to attract your ideal client
  • get super clear on who you serve and what you do
  • discover your best path to making money right away
  • plan your signature package/offer
  • create a personalized visibility plan
  • layout your 90-day action plan
  • develop a social media plan that will help you gain momentum

Lisa is insightful, full of energy and passionate about her craft. Her passion for helping women create freedom based business is heartfelt and authentic. Her ability to infuse her knowledge of technology with powerful strategic planning is a gift. I gladly recommend her.

Nancy Marmelejo

Talent & Genius

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