Creativity is what will skyrocket your business from plain ‘ole average to exceptional. You can be a copycat and yield limited success but not many businesses succeed by being “me toos.” Instead, using creativity in your marketing, your product creation and a few other things all add up to success & dollars.

Using Creativity In Marketing

Creativity in marketing comes in so many ways.

The most important way creativity should matter in your business is in deciding how your company is branded.

How do you want to represent your company to others?  Do you want a “hey girlfriend” kinda feel?    A corporate touch?  Or a fun playful business brand?

Remember the brand style you decide will be the way people see your business now and in years to come, so give it some thought.

Next you need to consider creativity in your advertising.

Deciding if you should you use PPC, SEO, magazine ads or radio ads is important.  Consider some of the most creative ads you’ve seen, what stood out to you?

How can you make a complete stranger understand the most important aspects of your product or service in under thirty seconds?

Creativity comes into play in just about every aspect of marketing.  Marketers who are stuck on the predictable marketing path won’t see the results that thinking our the box can yield.

Creativity in Products

Have you thought about what really sets you apart from everybody else?  I mean come on, none of us are reinventing the wheel but our uniqueness sets us apart.

You can be selling baked bread, baby blankets or your web design services.  You should still create a unique product or service line that stands out from the crowd.

For example, Domino’s Pizza came up with the “Delivered hot in 30 minutes or it’s free” pizza.

A laundry company came up with the “call us and we’ll pick it up” concept.

A pet grooming company came up with the “mobile grooming” concept.

The secret to this is considering how you can market your thing with you personality, flair and uniqueness.

Creativity in Other Ways

There are so many ways to use creativity in your business.  For instance, the message in your voicemail or the shape/orientation of your business card.

The unique way you give others a free taste or sample of your product/service is a real opportunity to show creativity.

Your goal should be to something better or different than the way it’s already being done.  Customers will flock to you because you’re doing something nobody else thought of.

It can certainly be a little scary but when you build a loyal customer base and the money is rolling in, it will be well worth it. Most success in business comes from entrepreneurs who have creativity.

Remember this…  

So integrate creativity in your marketing, customer contact & product design and reap the benefits for years to come.

Now I’d love to hear from you.  In the comments below share what makes your business unique.

Do you have a unique free taste or sample?  A very different way that you market your product or service?

Be sure to share how creativity sets your business apart.  Don’t be shy – this is FREE advertising!