Just starting a business?

These resources can help get you started!


Congratulations on making the decision to start your business! You are probably wondering where to start and how to get things going.

You’ll find tools and resources on this page to help you get things going. Take some time to read, listen and watch my selections for you!



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Hi I'm Lisa!

I help phoneomenal women like you achieve financial freedom by creating profitable online businesses from your passions, experiences and skills.

I teach you how to leverage online marketing to expand your reach, get more customers so you can have the lifestyle and business you dream of.

Tired of trying to figure it out on your own? Schedule some time to talk with me about how I can help make your business dream a reality!




The Spark and Profit podcast focuses on inspiring & empowering female entrepreneurs to build their best business and live their best life.

Join me weekly as I share strategies, musings and interviews with fab female business owners who share their business building journeys.


Prefer to be rock your business with visual inspiration and trainings? Meet me over on the Spark and Profit TV channel for videos that will help you on your business journey.

On S&P TV you’ll find videos with business building tips and how-to demonstrations to simplify your entreprenerial experience.



Building a business alone is no fun. Hang out with myself and other fab female entrepreneurs in the #uplevelsquad over in the Start, Build + Grow Community!


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