PR is a powerful strategy to get the word out about you and your company to the public and media.  Many people struggle with how to use PR effectively so that they can obtain media appearances, articles in newspapers, etc.

On this episode, Lisa talks about staying the course and shares a brand new social media sharing tool. She also talks with Kerri Walker about the benefits of using PR and how to be successful with it.

PR success with Kerri Walker

Kerri Walker, PR Consultant & Coach based on the south coast in the UK. Kerri manages PR campaigns for big name brands, acts as the PR department for creative agencies and coaches business owners of all sizes to DIY their PR like a pro.

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Stay on course.


Capzool (What I’m Loving)

Kerri Walker – Kerris’s Website

The Big Leap – PhD Hendricks Gay (Recommended Book)

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PR success with Kerri Walker