Simple Sales Strategies For Entrepreneurs

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Do you ever which you had easy to understand sales strategies?

As an entrepreneur you know that mastering sales is the core of your business.

But how do you do it when you are an introvert?

And how do you get better at selling when it feels so overwhelming or scary?

On this episode, Lisa talks with Yasmine Khater who explains why introverts make the best sales people along with sales tips that take the uneasy feeling away from selling.

Yasmine Khater - Spark and Profit Podcast



0:42 – It’s okay to reset 



Sales Story Method – Yasmine’s Website

Big Magic  – Elizabeth Gilbert (Recommended Book)

Growth Mindset – Carol Dweck (Recommended Book) 

Built To Sell – John Warrillow (Recommended Book) 



Rite In The Rain – Waterproof Notebook/Journal  (What I’m Loving)

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Simple Sales Strategies - yasmiine khater

simple sales strategies