What happens when who you thought you wanted to serve and what you thought you wanted to do, no longer feels right?

Do you remember the excitement of launching your new service based business?  You probably threw in every service you knew how to provide, and a few extra because let’s face it, you needed clients.

You created a website, logos and a tagline that you thought was cute (even if nobody else had a clue what it meant).

You told every person you came in contact with about your new business whether they wanted to hear about it or not.

Then you began working with clients and one day you realize that you feel trapped.  You’re not excited about the services you offer and you realize that you’ve evolved.

Now don’t be alarmed this is a perfectly normal stage of the service based entrepreneur’s growth process.  Your ability to help others, becomes so much more defined after you’ve begin working with clients.

The thing is, owning your own business shouldn’t make you feel trapped, it should feel good and free, right?

After all you have clients, prospects and followers that are looking to you for help but you know you are out of alignment.  So what do you do?

You may need to rebrand.

These seven steps will help get you back in alignment so you can get excited about your business again.

  1. Make a list of the changes you want to make, what services or branding you feel no longer serves you.
  2. Decide if you are going to change your entire brand or just the direction of your business.
  3. Plan the entire change out from beginning to end.
  4. If you can afford it, get some help onboard.  This step is important for graphics and your new website.
  5. Shut things down for a few days while you relaunch.  If you are using WordPress there plenty of plugins that will put your site in maintenance mode.
  6. Debut your new biz and be sure to update your profiles with your new information. Oh and don’t forget to forward your domain to your new home.
  7. Lastly, send a message to your list an invite them to stay onboard with the new direction your business is taking.  Remember that some people may not come along on the journey with you but that’s okay.

You may have to rebuild a bit of your following but if you are in your zone the right tribe will be drawn to you.  If you are feeling out of sync with your business there is not time like the present to make changes.


Are you considering rebranding?   Leave a message in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.