prepare your business for success

2020 is just about outta here and if you haven’t begun already it’s time to do some end of year and start of year preparations.

Before you get started take a moment to reflect on what happened for you in 2016.  Grab your free Reflection and Vision Planner.

Here are your top ten ways to prepare your business for the new year:

1. Prep your posts in advance. If you are taking some time off for the holiday create your newsletter, blog posts and social media posts in advance. Use tools like Hootsuite to automatically post for you so it doesn’t look like you abandoned your business.

2. Clean up your email. Dedicate some time to go through your inbox and delete, delete, delete. Save any important messages in folders.

3. Create your marketing plan for 2020.  Remember, a failure to plan is a plan to fail. Plan your next 12 months out, so that you have an idea of where you are going. Your vacations, upcoming promotions and blog post topics should be planned out.

4. Update your website. Change your copyright date from 2019 to 2020.

5. Layout the plans for your next product/program. You should have at least one planned for the first quarter, right?  So get the skeleton of that baby completed.

free planner for new year6. Get your receipts in order. Update any W-9 forms you may with affiliate and vendors and get prepared for tax season.

7.  Review your website.  If you are taking some time off this is the perfect time to make some tweaks and give your site a freshen up. You may even consider updating your personal website photos.

8.  Remove and update low to no traffic items. If you have an opt-in offer that just isn’t getting sign ups or a service/product that has cob webs, fix it. Consider getting rid of it all together or change the layout and/or title.

9.  Set new money goals – raise your rates. If this makes you uncomfortable, stretch yourself. Your business should be growing each year and as you grow and become more seasoned and skilled at your craft your rates should increase.

10. Update your schedule. Every year our dynamics change.  Take your current household demands into account and update your new home/work schedule. Set new work hours if necessary.

free planner for new yearDo you have an end of the year routine I haven’t mentioned? Share it with me in the comments below.


ten ways to to prepare your business for success