Summer is here and for me that means the end of school, pool days and assessing my business.

Yes, June is month six and my calendar tells me that this year is almost outta here.  The sixth month of the year is the time of year when I reflect on my numbers, client load and all of the plans I carefully laid out for the new year.

mid-year business planner

You see, most of us have lofty goals in December and January, but then life happens.

Perhaps we had a personal setback or lost our fizz so we didn’t take action. Or maybe we realized the tasks we had planned involved way more time/prep than we initially thought.

To be honest, what you didn’t do by now doesn’t matter. I mean you can’t do anything about the past, but you can sure as heck fix your future.  And there’s still time to end your year with a bang!

1.  Pull out your big ‘ole New Year plan so you can see what you still have on task for the year.

2.  Consider why you are/aren’t on task. Are things going ahead/behind schedule or not going at all and why?

3.  Decide if your goals are still in alignment with your business and cross off anything you just aren’t feeling anymore or that you can’t realistically complete within the next six months.

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4.  Set new goals if necessary.  Don’t forget to consider how many days/weeks months you need to plan and launch any new products or programs,  this way your new goals can have a realistic timeline.

5.  Decide how much money you want to make by the end of the year and price your services/products accordingly. How many do you need to sell by….How many clients do you need by, etc.

6.  Don’t be discouraged, even if you are way off of your initial big year plan you are still on your own schedule. If you don’t think your business is where it needs to be, change directions.

7.  Take action!  If you haven’t met your goals there is a pretty good chance that this is one of your issues.

Sounds simple right?  So your next step is to put it into action.

FREE Mid-Year Planner

Let’s Discuss –> Are you on task with your end of year goals?

mid-year business planner