aweber get response not workingAnyone with an online business knows that the money is in the list. We are dependent on email marketing service (ESP) providers to house our list names and distribute our newsletters, promos, and notices.

So what happens if your ESP shuts down?

Aweber and Get Response are two of the largest ESP’s in the online marketing industry and they both have had server attacks which caused them to shut down for several days.

A shut down from an ESP means that noone can get on your list, you can’t access your list, no broadcasts or emails can be sent out…you get the picture right?

So what do you do to avoid losing contact with you list?

  1. Sign up for a back up email service provider.  If you are using Aweber or Get Response, Mailchimp is a wonderful FREE back up option.
  2. Download a copy of your email list on a weekly basis. If necessary you can import the list to your back up and stay in contact with you people.
  3. Copy your initial autoresponders from your current ESP and set up them up with your backup service. This way you can change your sign up form to point to your new ESP and avoid missing out on any valuable list building opportunities. Once your current ESP is back up and running you can manually enter any new list members.
  4. Pay attention. You should verify that everything is up and running with your service providers daily. Not doing so could cost you money.

I would suggest you getting a backup plan in place as soon as possible.

See you at the top!




Has your email service provider gone offline?  Share your backup plan with us.