Launch lessons are gained from trial and error. We often see colleagues tell of the money they made during a launch but not what went wrong, how much they spent to do it or all of the work behind the scenes.

On this episode, Lisa talks with Kelsey Chapman a creative and Marketing Strategist, who shares her story of a 10k launch, which details the struggles and the wins.

launch lessons - Kelsey Chapman

Kelsey is creative and marketing strategist who is passionate about equipping entrepreneurs to build their business, grow their platform and steward their influence.  It is her mission to help women to turn their dreams into profitable ventures that can allow them to live with both freedom in their finances and their time. Kelsey wholeheartedly believes dreams are worth pursuing and loves walking alongside women to bring their visions to life in a tangible way!

launch lessons


Kelsey Chapman – You can find out more about Kelsey on her website.

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launch lessons - Kelsey Chapman