We are in our third month of the year and at a point where most people start to lose their “New Year” momentum.

You may have already completed an annual reflection/planning tool to help you get ready for the new year, but what happens during the rest of the year?

In order to move forward to you need to take a moment to reflect on what’s happening for you on a monthly basis.

Every month I review not only my numbers and make new monthly projections, but I also reflect on my business in general.

Below I’ve shared just a few of my February reflections with you.  I’ve included a FREE monthly reflection tool for you below.

Looking back on February  2015

My biggest lesson was:  I waited until the last minute to complete my training videos for my WordPress Mastery course.

I had unexpected surgery and had to push the start date back one week because the I couldn’t prepare the videos in time for the original start date.

I wasted way too much time on:  Setting up my new membership site for Women’s Coaching Academy.  I moved the training center from Wishlist Member to Member Mouse, which was a huge task. I should have hired a VA.

I’m most proud of: Launching WordPress Mastery for Beginners.

Vision for March

I’m excited about: My upcoming webinar (details to follow).

I’m committed to:  Setting a date for the webinar.

I’m going to get help with:  Admin stuff, I am going to hire a VA.

Don’t underestimate this practice, it’s a powerful way for you to move your business forward.  Grab your FREE reflection tool by clicking the image below.






Do you do monthly reflections? Share your comments below.