Deciding to become an entrepreneur is a decision that breeds excitement and hope for epic success.

Sounds good right?  Well here are the cold hard facts: 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail in the first 18 months.

Here’s why people quit:

  • They don’t realize how much behind the scenes work is involved.
  • They don’t make money fast enough.
  • They don’t get help.
  • They didn’t research their market well enough.
  • They lose motivation because things don’t happen overnight.

You see, we all have dreams of fulfilling our vision when we first get started.

We spend an immeasurable amount of time and money in good faith that we will reap a reward equal to our effort. So when the results don’t happen quickly, many just through in the towel.

I had every reasons to be a towel thrower.

My situation was real.  I am a homeschool mom of six whose husband was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease and ordered to stop working immediately.

I had been in business for myself for years but just to supplement, not to be the breadwinner and I had to figure out how I was going to maintain ASAP.

If anybody had a reason to quit and get a job it was me, right?

Wrong!  You know why?

Because my family is my why and I am very, very clear about that.


Now don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean that things have been perfect and easy.

It simply means that I believe in my calling to help female entrepreneurs earn on their own terms. And it also means that my family needs to eat and I refuse to work for anyone else when I know my purpose needs to be fulfilled.

Therefore, my calling and why keep me motivated every single day.

Yes, there are times when it will get tough. Yes, you may be disappointed by your results but you keep going.

Change things up if you must but keep going.

So how do you get motivated to never quit?

1 – Be determined that you refuse to fail.

2 – Have a purpose or why for having your own business that means something to you. (Mine was my passion and need to eat). I don’t know about you but the need to feed my family is like rocket fuel!

3 – Ignore those who don’t support you and stop sharing your vision with them.

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4 – Remember that just because you can’t see your seeds below ground, doesn’t mean they aren’t about to sprout.  If you keep working (watering) they will sprout.

5 – Get help.  Find someone who resonates with you and is doing what you desire to do, stalk follow them and see if they have a “work with me” option.

I hope this inspires you to keep pushing!

See you at the top.