How To Go From Career To Entrepreneur With Ashley Beels

Mar 27 | 0 comments

What do you do when you have no desire to work in your chosen career anymore?

Feeling unfulfilled, uninspired and simply bored everyday doing what you thought you wanted to do can be frustrating.

The truth is, you can change direction but it is scary.  

That’s why the conversation I had with Ashley Beels was so amazing!

On this episode, Lisa talks with Ashley Beels who shares her journey of going from dentist to entrepreneur.

Ashley Beels is a Business Coach and Meraki™️ Strategist  guiding highly-driven soulful entrepreneurs that have an unwavering ambition to share and showcase their unique gifts, but struggle with a sense of direction and lack strategic implementation. 

ashley beels - spark and profit



0:50 – Your lighthouse  



Meraki Statement– Ashley’s Website

You Are A Badass At Making Money (Recommended Book)

she’s Profitable – Facebook Group

Remove BG (What I’m Loving)



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