I have a confession to make…I’m multi-passionate.  Phew, now the cat’s out of the bag.  Can you relate?

I have super spectacular new ideas for various additions to my current business and new ventures all the time and I want to implement them right away.

When I first began my entrepreneurial journey I ran like a chicken with my head cut off chasing all of my dreams at once.

In fact, I used to lay in bed at night unable to settle down because I have this incredible plans right before me.

What I discovered after years of this unrewarding behavior was that I never had great success at any of my dreams/passions.

Have you ever felt that way?

Here’s the thing,

Here’s why:

Building one business around one passion or interest will give you the credibility you need for people to trust you.

Trying to create a successful business takes dedication, time, focus. If you are building two or more businesses at one time you w0n’t have total success at any of them and you’ll feel CRAZY!

Have you ever tried to build a following on two fan pages at once?  It ain’t easy!

So what do you do?

1.  Make a decision.

Decide which passion you want to focus on to begin with.  Don’t spend more than 5-10 minutes deciding either, just do it.

2.  Get a notebook.

Every time you have a new business idea (that is unrelated) to your current project, write it down.

3.  Master your current project.

Build a successful business and following in it before you even think about starting a new venture or introducing it to your following.

4.  Utilize your success.

Your following from your previous venture will help you drive traffic, interest and success to your next big thing.

Here’s to you and your success!

Are you multi-passionate, how do you stay focused?

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