I’m a mom of six and yes, I’m sane (most of the time).  In fact, my children inspire me to do more and be more.

One of the joys of being a parent for me has been watching the lack of fear in my children.

It is such a blessing to watch their sheer determination, lack of experience and innocence allow them to grow, experience new things and most of all learn, as they develop their own wisdom.

This happens repeatedly from infancy through young adulthood.

As infants they have no fear of falling as they learn to walk.

As toddlers they have no plan when the want the cookie off the counter, they just find a way to get it.

As teens they have no fear of pushing the limits so they can do what they want.

And as young adults they have no fear at all they believe they can take on the world.

You see, you and I both had the same determination, freedom and lack of fear of the youth at some point.  But something peculiar happens when we “grow up”.

We start thinking too much about the outcome.  Now I’m not saying planning is a bad thing, I mean after all we can’t just jump up and do anything we want…or can we?

As an entrepreneur that is paving the way to success, you have to toss your fears and inhibitions to the wind like an innocent child or a crazy teenager.

As Nike says “Just do it”!  You’ll find wisdom, experience and breakthroughs in that mindset.

Stop planning everything out to an exact science and just take action.

Toss the new system or blueprint you just purchased out the window and just go for it.

Now I’m not telling you there isn’t a structure for certain elements of business building like sales, coaching, Facebook ads, etc.

What I am saying is, there is no amount of training and no system that will give you the experience, knowledge or motivation you need than trial, error and action.

Think back to when you learned to ride a bike.  You fell, your wheel wobbled a little, and while you had some instruction from your parents (they couldn’t get on the bike for you), you learned to ride but just doing it.

You learned to drive by just driving, sure you backed up to far and bumped a pole. Sure you turned to quickly and ran a curb or two.

But…there was wisdom in the mistakes you made.

So today, throw caution to wind and become the child or teenager you used to be just for the sake of putting that new: idea, launch, video, product, blog post, website out there.

Be free today. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Don’t concern yourself with what will happen. Just simply do it.

And if you need stuck, take a look at a child, teen or young adult for inspiration.


Now it’s your turn. Have you been inspired by a young person? Share your story below.