Are you ready to step up so you can be seen and get paid in 2017?

You have tried one visibility technique after the other with no results.

You aren’t really sure what to do first to begin getting a flow of traffic or customers.

You don’t really have a strategy to get in front of your ideal audience.

You know you need to play a bigger game but you allow fear, overwhelm to stop you.

Isn’t it time you got serious about getting out there?  The truth is, you can’t make sales if you nobody knows you exist.

A six-week coaching program designed to get you out there so you can be seen, be heard and get paid.

I’m looking for women who are ready to put the excuses aside and are serious about doing what it takes to change things up in their business.

You can have the success you see others with, you just need clarity, motivation and know-how so you can take inspired ACTION.

Stepping up takes confidence and that only comes from taking ACTION. I want to help you do just that in 2017!

The best part — I’ll be working with you so you won’t be going it alone!

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this program:



We’ll kick things off by getting clear on your WHY and getting rid of mindset crap that’s stopping you from moving forward. From there we will dive into marketing techniques, strategies and tips that will help you achieve success with visibility.  Each week, you will be given an action step guaranteed to help you get out there, take action and grow your audience.

Here’s what we’ll cover during our time together:

  • Being seen on video, podcasts, blogging, etc.
  • The power of collaboration and JV partnerships and how to do it right.
  • Using PR to get seen
  • Engagement 101 how to use groups to boost your reach
  • Creating a personalized, actionable visibility plan

We begin March 29th.

You’ll get access to all of the recorded weekly meetings.

To make sure you have everything you’ll need, you’ll also get:


I will personally review what you are currently doing to share your gifts/skills/services/products with the world and give you constructive feedback on how you can improve.

BONUS #2 Mini-Spark Session (Only two available)

Looking to work with me? Ask me whatever you want about marketing, techie, visibility, your specific business issues and goals. Topics may include (but not limited to): Social Media Strategy, Mini-Marketing Plan, Breakthrough Coaching, Training on Tech Tools, Website Audit, List Building, Autoresponders, Opt-Ins, Content Creation, Creating Irresistible Offers, you will decide what we cover during this session as it will be customized to meet your needs during this 40 minute one-on-one attention, focused on solving your business concerns.

Get Instant Access Now!

For a limited time, this program is available at introductory pricing of $397!

For a limited time, this program is available at introductory pricing of $397

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