Always say “please and thank you”.  Have you heard that before?  Only a gazillion times as a child right?  So why are you forgetting you manners in your business?

Listen we all know trying to build an online business takes a lot of work and for that reason it’s very easy to get caught up in the steps.  Maybe you have a list of five things you must do a day to build your list.  Or perhaps you have three social media building steps you do daily to drive traffic.

Everything you do to build your business is important but if you forget your manners none of it matters.

Remember to thank your customers and potential clients regularly.  People love to be recognized and feel appreciated.

When someone subscribes to your newsletter – say thanks.
When someone signs up for a bonus offer – say thanks.
When someone joins your fan page on FB – say thanks.
When someone follows you on Twitter – say thanks.
When you reply or send an email – say thanks.
When someone comments on your blog – say thanks.
When someone tags you on FB or mentions you on Twitter – say thanks.
When someone gives you good or bad feedback – say thanks.

Every step of the way say thanks.

Take the time to thank them for taking time out of their busy day to connect with you.  A simple thank you will generate more business.

A Unique Thank You Idea

I love to send personal handwritten cards to new clients  for signing up for my program or service.  This adds a personal touch and eliminates the automation of online marketing.

By the way, thanks for reading.

Do you have some unique ways to say thanks?  Please share below, I’d love to hear them.