You're ready to create a thriving business...

What you need...clarity and a plan to do it right


Introducing the Clear Steps Sessions


The truth?

Anybody can decide to start a business, but if you aren’t clear about what you should do, what to focus on, and don’t have a map of how to get to your goals you will struggle.

Now I know you are a smart cookie, so why in the world would you do that?

If you already realize you’ve fallen into what I call no clarity quicksand and you’re stuck, you already know what I mean.

Let’s change that!

Introducing Clear Steps Sessions

This a power-packed coaching experience. You’ll walk away with a plan in mind, clarity about what path to take, and how to get started.

What’s Included:

  • An audit of your business idea or current business.
  • One 75-minute intensive where together we will: get clear about your vision, map out a results-driven strategy to help you meet your money, business and visibility goals that you can put into action immediately.
  • Notes outlining your next steps and session recap.
  • Any recommendations of tools and resources that I think will help you grow your business.

During this session, you will have an opportunity to ask me anything you want regarding, get personal, one-on-one attention that is directly focused on your business concerns.

This is Ideal for you if:

  • you are considering starting an online business and want to get clear on how to get going
  • you are a business newbie and are stuck on next steps and need some clarity around how to meet your business goals
  • you have been in business for awhile and don’t have the success you desire so you want to revisit your business foundations and get a plan

I’m going to tell you exactly what you should do and clear up the overwhelm and confusion so you walk away with confidence and clarity.

There are limited spots available at this no-brainer price! Hurry before they are gone.

Click below to secure your spot, after payment is made you will be directed to book your session immediately.

Let’s take 2017 by storm together.  This is a no-brainer session with limited spots, to help you get going right!

Investment $147 

I was so confused about what to do in my business. Lisa helped me gain clarity about who I really want to be in the world.

Karen Beals

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