I’m Lisa!

I work with female entrepreneurs, who want to start, grow and scale their online businesses so they can achieve financial freedom and make a difference by sharing their gifts, skills and expertise with the universe.

Am I reading your mind?

You’re a smart cookie who wants to to have a profitable businesss, but you just can’t seem to figure out how to get things to take off, what to do first or how to get clear on your purpose and audience.

It can all seem so overwhelming at times.

I’m here to make things easy for you. You see, I believe that every woman can earn on their own terms while doing what you love, you just need to know how to make it happen.

I’m your tell-it-like-it-is business/marketing mentor, confidence accelerator, and tech geek (aka – triple threat).

I have over ten years of online business experience which I combine with my training and keen sense of intuition to help ladies just like you, create sustainable income and scale their ways to financial freedom!

I shoot straight from the hip because my goal is to see you succeed, not waste your time sugar coating things so you can fail.

So if you are looking for the real deal…I’m here.

You can’t help but be affected by my high energy, confidence boosting personality. Combine that with visibility, marketing and passive income strategies the confusion out of building a thriving business, standing out and getting clients.

Building a profitable business online doesn’t have to be hard. You just need how and what to do so that you can make the biggest impact and fill your purse!
The good news I’m here to help, find out how we can work together.


I tried tons of work from home opportunities in an effort to stay home with my children.  Through each experience, I couldn’t help but feel I was here to do something greater, something that mattered.  Truth be told, I hated most of the things I tried and then I stumbled upon an MLM opportunity that I was really good at.

Before long I lost interest…

While I loved the connections I made with some really phenomenal women, I started feeling icky because I no longer believed in the company.  So I quit and started on my path to help women like you achieve what I desired.

An opportunity to turn your gift, passion, experience, and skills into a thriving online business that allows you to achieve financial freedom.

I am the shortcut to your success.

Here are some ways I can help you build your empire. Looking to work one-on-one? Want to learn from me? Prefer to DIY?

I’m Lisa Porter, Certified Business Coach, Marketing Strategist and Confidence Accelerator.  Born and raised in New York City, but I love the serenity of the suburbs. I’m married to the love of my life and I’m a homeschool mom of six kids. Yup, I homeschool and rock my biz too.  No pity parties here, I believe in living a life with no excuses and NO just means find another way.

Here are ten random facts about me:

  1. I have six children (five of which were c-sections…I’m a limit pusher).
  2. I love Nestle Drumsticks.
  3. My favorite movie of all times is Steele Magnolias.
  4. My husband is my best friend.
  5. I am entering my seventeenth year of homeschooling my children.
  6. I have a designer purse addiction.
  7. I am a speed reader, seriously I can zip through a book in record time.
  8. If I don’t know how to do something I will research it until I can master it.
  9. I am fascinated with rags to riches stories.
  10. I love to laugh until my stomach hurts.

Lisa Porter is a powerhouse certified business coach, marketing strategist and podcaster for female coaches, consultants, speakers and service based entrepreneurs who to start, grow & scale profitable online businesses using visibility & passive income strategies.  She is the founder and CEO of Spark and Profit and the Women’s Coaching Academy and the host of the Spark And Profit show.

Lisa believes every woman has a gift, skill or experience to share with others and she lives and breathes to empower women to package their gift so they can earn on their own terms.

Her tell it like it is, energetic personality combined her continual thirst for perfecting her craft makes her an immeasurable resource for her clients.

Lisa combines mindset and marketing strategies and her love for online marketing to help savvy entrepreneurs gain more confidence, get more clients and increase their bottom line.

Born and raised in New York, Lisa is a wife and homeschool mom of six who enjoys spending time with family.

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