5 Types of Content

Here are five types of content that can engage your audience, boost traffic and attract your dream client.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “content is king”.  I know it sounds so cliché but it’s true.

Make it a point to create masterful content from the very beginning so that the foundation of your business will be sound.  Think of it like this, when you produce content of any form, you should take care to put out quality over quantity.

The idea is that you create content that allows you to showcase your knowledge and claim your expertise in your chosen niche.  Let’s face it, it hard to hear the music if everyone is talking so you’d better make sure your music can drown out the chatter. Make sense?

The content you produce should provide valuable information that attracts your ideal client.  The bonus for knock out content is that it can be repurposed to create products, programs, etc. and it has the potential to catch the eye of bigger brands and influencers.


Written form – blog posts, ebooks, newsletters, white papers, courses

Audio form – mp3, podcast, audio book. teleseminar

Video form – YouTube, podcast, webinar, etc.

Visual form – graphic quotes/tips, infographics, charts

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The first step for creating content is to come up with a juicy idea about your topic or niche

Once you have an idea you need to decide which type of content you want to put out into the world.

Here are five types of content you can create to attract your ideal client:

1. Epic Social Media Posts

This type works best for Facebook and Instagram in particular, this is a phenomenal way to catch the eye of a potential client. Be sure your post is long form and teach, rant, talk on a subject or topic in your niche.

This is a terrific way to spark up engagement via social media and stand out as an expert.

2. Live Stream Video

Periscope, Google Hangouts and FB Live are incredible tools you can use to showcase your knowledge.

Use these live stream platforms to teach, showcase a product, answer questions and engage with your audience.

3. Blog/Vlog Posts

Blogging is not dead! Come up with a juicy headline and create a value filled written blog or vlog post on your topic.

4. Audio

Start talking into your mic or headset and record a short audio on a topic directly related to your niche. You can even transcribe your written blog posts for those who are on the go and don’t have time to read.

5. Graphics

Quote graphics and informative infographics are a terrific way to get in front of a potential customer. Use these across various social media platforms.


Your turn:  What kind of content have you been creating and what has attracted the most clients for you?






5 Types of Content