3 Pretty, Feminine & Simple to Use WordPress Themes

If you are not super technical you should select a theme that looks nice and is easy to customize.  I have many theme favorites but today I’m going to share my three favorite feminine and customizable WordPress themes.

1.  Blu Chic



I love the layout of the Blu Chic themes. Their themes are very feminine, sleek and clean.  The Jacqueline theme is a great option for coaches & consultants.  If you are looking for a theme that is out of the box classy and simple to use this may be the one for you.

They offer support for basic questions and tweaks are available for just $29 each. Find out more about Blu Chic themes here.

2. Pretty Darn Cute

Fun Theme: Playful and Powerful Genesis theme for WordPress Swank Theme: Frame Your Content in Style

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes: Modern Blogger Theme

These themes are adorable! They run off of the Genesis framework so many of the layouts are achievable by utilizing the widgets.  Again, these themes offer very feminine options for coaches and female entrepreneurs. Fun, Swank and Modern Blogger Pro are three of my favorites.

You will find very quick support for most questions. Additional customization is available as well. You can find out more about the other themes here.

3. Restored Designs



Here is another great option for very feminine themes.  These themes run off of Genesis as well so many of the changes will be made in the widget area.

Support is offered for most questions.

Of course this is just a small sample of WP Themes that are great looking an easy to manipulate. During WordPress Mastery Training I’ll be going sharing a few more and demonstrating how easy it is to personalize them.


Now it’s your turn. Know about a pretty WordPress theme that I’ve overlooked? Share it with us below.

Stop Everything…If You’re An Entrepreneur You Need to Hear This!


Today’s post was supposed to be on this month’s topic of WordPress but I had to get this important message out to you instead.

Over the past few months I’ve come in contact with so much discouragement in the coaching, consulting and entrepreneur community

You’re discouraged because you feel overwhelmed, don’t have support and you feel like you’re not ever going to make a consistent income.

So you want to throw in the towel and don’t feel motivated to keep trying.

That’s a mistake!

You see, I believe you are a winner…don’t you?  Losers quit when things get rough, but winners keep going until they succeed.

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Honey, you don’t need someone to believe in you if you know in your heart you’re working toward your dreams…they are YOUR DREAMS.

You just need to keep your eye on the prize.

So here’s whatcha gotta do.

1.  Get a side hustle if you need more cash right now. Who told you that you would be a millionaire overnight?

2.  Stop comparing yourself to others that have succeeded already or those that seem to be climbing the ladder faster than you. You will arrive at your destination at your appointed time.

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3.  Stop feeling like you have to be an expert at every marketing piece. You just need to know enough to understand it and get it out there to some degree. Learn on the job!

4.  Stop telling people that you know don’t understand or support you, what you’re doing. Just show them!

5.  Work at your business daily (3 – 5 days a week). I know you think you don’t have time but, I’m a mom of six, I homeschool and run this business…you get no sympathy from me.

Find a way. I don’t care if it’s just 30 minutes a day, commit to it and do it.

6.  Don’t ever let the words “I’m gonna quit” fall out of your mouth. Because the moment you do, you’re doomed!

Whew, I had to get that out there to you. You know I’m a straight to the point kinda girl.

Here’s to your success!



Have you felt like throwing in the towel? Share your story below.

How to Add a MailChimp Opt In Box to Your Website

 In this video from the Made Simple Series, I show you how to add a MailChimp sign up form to your WordPress site.  Click below to watch.

To add a MailChimp opt in box you will need:

1. A MailChimp account (it’s free to get started)

2. Create a list in MailChimp

3. Easy Opt Ins for MailChimp (by Fat Cat Apps)

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